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Are You a Clone: Three Keys to Embracing Your Originality

Are you a clone or an original? Are you special? You ARE an original. And YES you are special…Maybe a little crazy. But that’s ok.

God made us all unique; each of us with different experiences, perspectives, gift mixes and personalities. Not only are we uniquely designed, but we each have a unique call or purpose on our lives that we were created to fill. But many of us don’t know how we’re wired and how that relates to our destiny.

Studies show that people who embrace authenticity are more likely to respond to difficulties with effective coping strategies, enjoying a strong sense of self-worth and purpose, a confidence in mastering challenges, and follow through in setting and pursing goals. God is interested in developing us first, not our vision; vision is a natural by-product of the process of us becoming fully us.

Deciding to pursue the fullness of who we are is not for the faint of heart. It’s a process, not a destination; one sometimes filled with difficulty, conflict, fear and delayed gratification. It’s a journey no one can take but us, and it’s the most rewarding of all pursuits. So where do we begin?

Tip 1. Find Out What God Says About You

There’s no better source for discovering the complexity of who we were created to be than the One who created us. Get alone with God. Ask Him what makes you unique; how does that play into the unique destiny He fashioned for you?

Tip 2. Fight the Good Fight

Insecurity and fear are the biggest enemies of our soul; constantly scheming and conniving to rob us of the revelation of who we are. Be aggressive about fighting lies, taking every thought captive and meditating on what God has said about you. Remember it’s a process, not a destination. Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace to grow in this.

Tip 3. Surround Yourself with Healthy Community

We were not created to be alone. Community gives us a safe place to practice being genuine, vulnerable, intimate and ultimately accountable in our walks with each other and the Lord. No one is going to develop our community for us but ourselves.

Invite people who are spiritually mature to speak into your life. Make yourself availableto those who aren’t where you’re at spiritually to pour into as well. This will help develop confidence and accountability in your journey to become more like Jesus.

Becoming fully actualized in your identity is what the enemy fears most. This road is paved with scare tactics and empty threats that feel and seem real. Be brave in your journey; take risks!

Surround yourself with those who challenge you to be and do more!!

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