Bring clarity to your Calling.
May 13, 6-7:30 PM PDT

Destiny INTRO Free Webinar

Thur May 13 @ 6-7:30 pm Pacific

Make your life count!

  • Understand your unique and amazing purpose.
  • Stop spinning your wheels in life.
  • Discover your gifts, passions and calling.
  • Get maximum impact and real joy.
  • Partner with the Lord in extending His Kingdom.
  • Find the mentors you need for your journey.

Attend the Destiny INTRO free webinar for a time of discovery.

  • You’ll understand why you’re wired a certain way.
  • You’ll start to connect the dots of your life.
  • You’ll learn how to discover your gifts and passions.
  • You’ll begin to grasp God’s specific will for your life.
  • You’ll be empowered to move forward in your calling.

Clarify your calling

Michael Brodeur, Jeff Wittmer, and Glen Reed will present on:

  • Personal destiny discovery and development
  • Spiritual ministry gifts, motivational gifts, manifestation gifts
  • Passions and delights and your internal design
  • Your calling and how serving develops you
  • Ministry development and creating an action plan
  • Personal growth and character development
  • Team development and mentoring

Learn about the LIFE MAP

Discover your gifts, passions and dream–then create a LIFE MAP to start making progress on your dream.

  • Personal development: Spot issues that may be roadblocks on your journey.
  • Ministry development: Create a strategic plan and set goals to build your dream ministry.
  • Team development: Identify who is going with you on this journey and who will help you along the way.

Explore a powerful tool

The Destiny Profiler is an online tool for discovering one’s calling, and it includes:

  • Ministry Gift Assessment
  • Motivational Gift Assessment
  • Manifestation Gift Assessment
  • Passion Assessment
  • Delight Assessment
  • God’s Direction
  • My Dream (calling)

Click this link for MORE INFO on the Profiler.

Meet the Presenters

Michael Brodeur
Founder and CEO of Pastor's Coach
Michael Brodeur has pastored churches and mentored pastors for more than 35 years. He planted a church in San Francisco that became the largest the City had seen in a generation, with over 70 small groups, an inner city community center, an arts community, outreaches to hippie kids and the rave culture, and more. He has served with Jesus Culture, he teaches church leadership and church planting at BSSM, and coaches pastors and leaders around the world. Read full bio
Jeff Wittmer
Coaching Director for Pastor’s Coach and Destiny Finder
Jeff is the Director of Destiny Finder and Pastor’s Coach Coaching programs. He is certified by the Coach Training Alliance and the International Coach Federation and is the founder of the California Coaching Collaborative, an organization that trains and certifies life coaches. Jeff’s coach training includes courses in people development with over five years of classroom participation, coach training in accredited courses endorsed by the International Coaching Federation and over 20 years of pastoral counseling & personal coaching. Read full bio
Glen Reed
COO, Coach, Trainer for Pastors Coach
Glen is the COO of Pastor’s Coach, and COO and co-founder of Destiny Finder. Glen manages operations, teaches online courses, coaches, develops training, and works with marketing. Glen has been in ministry with Michael Brodeur since coming to his church in San Francisco in 1989. He completed an M. Div. at Western Seminary in 1995 and was an Associate Pastor at Michael’s church from 1995 until 2004. Glen also spent over 20 years as a trainer and technical writer in the high-tech arena. Read full bio

WHY Destiny Finder?

  • It’s an ideal personal destiny and discipleship development tool.
  • It helps people discover the most powerful motivation there is: destiny, calling and purpose.
  • It enables people to take practical steps to fulfill God’s will.
  • It works for new believers and Bible veterans.
  • It’s delight-directed, not duty-driven.

Turn your dream into reality

“Learned about all elements that work together to fulfill my destiny. It gives you steps and strategy and is spirit led.”
–Stevka Vladimirova

“Destiny Finder helped me more fully understand who I am and to embrace my thought patterns/world ideas as a product of my destiny and motivational orientation.”
–Miranda Carter

“This is such a gift of reviewing and validating old dreams and creating new ones. HOPE is renewed and confidence!”
— Linda Coate

“Very good at refining ideas into practical moves. Practical plans were set out as very doable, without sugar coating what was needed.”
–Michael Brown

WHO should attend?

  • Men, women any age
  • Young adults and teens; 16+
  • Singles, couples.
  • Christians: denominational or independent
  • Non-Christians interested in spiritual things, etc.
  • Anyone  interested in their purpose in life!


  • An email to receive info to join the call.
  • A good Internet connection.
  • A camera and microphone.
  • A quiet place during the call.
  • Let your spouse, friends and pets know you can’t be disturbed.
  • An open heart, ready to begin the adventure of your life!

* Destiny Finder is used by people, churches and ministries around the world *

"l love Destiny Finder."

Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture Director

Destiny INTRO Free Webinar

Thur May 13 @ 6-7:30 pm Pacific