How Destiny Finder Works

1. Visitors: Do the Free Assessment, then get the Profiler

Do the Free Assessment to get a sample of how the online tool works and discover your Ministry Gift. Then use PayPal or your credit card, along with the coupon code if you received one, to purchase the Profiler and get instant access to the online assessments.

2. If you bought more than one Profiler...

If you purchased more than one Profiler, you get access for yourself, AND you will receive a coupon code in the receipt screen and by email. Give that code to the other people, and then they can go to the site, buy the Profiler and use the coupon in checkout and it will be 100% off, or free. That way they get their own account. For example, if you purchase three Profilers, you will get access, and you’ll receive an email with a coupon code good for two Profilers. You give the code to two people and they buy the Profiler for free with the coupon.

3a. New Users: Go to My Account and start.

3b. Existing Users: Go to login, reset your password, use the link to log in and then go to My Account.

Existing users just need to reset their password the first time to the new website.

Once you have access to the Profiler, do the fun and easy assessments on your mobile phone, tablet or computer (Mac or PC). The assessments cover your ministry gifts, motivational gifts, manifestation gifts, passions, target people group, ministry style and much more. Each one takes about 10-20 minutes.

4. Get an instant report for each assessment

Each assessment report has personalized results that are packed with insights. Together they form a picture or “profile” of your core traits, gifts, passions, strengths and more that points toward your destiny.

5. Review God's direction and define your dream

Complete the “God’s Direction” section. Then look at your assessment summary and recall significant insights. 

Now take all that you’ve learned and complete the My Dream section. Your dream is another term for your destiny or your calling. It’s at the intersection of your gifts, passion and God’s direction. 

Once you have defined your dream, the next step is to map your route to fulfill it – that is, how to accomplish it. Our Mapper module will help you do just that (coming soon).