You have an amazing Destiny

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Learn about how to discover and fulfill your calling.

Over 65,000 people have used our powerful destiny discovery tools that helps you understand your gifts,  passions, and dreams, discover your calling, and take practical steps to partner with God to fulfill it. 

What's your Design?

"I absolutely love Destiny Finder."
Banning Liebscher, Director of Jesus Culture
"... a must-have tool for spiritual pursuit."
Shawn Bolz, Pastor of Expression58

Unlock your future

You have purpose

God created you with a purpose: to do something for Him that only you can do. “We are God’s handiwork, created in Crist Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Eph. 2:10

It's in your design

He’s designed, wired and gifted you specifically to accomplish that purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, look at your design,  gifts, passions and dreams; they will point the way to your purpose.

We have the key

Destiny Finder contains powerful assessments that will help you understand your design, your gifts and your calling. Join over 30,000 people who have participated, and get started fulfilling God’s plan!

Start your journey

The Profiler is a powerful tool to help you fulfill your God-given gifts, passions, dreams, and calling. It’s based on Biblical principles and decades of experience developing people into maturity in Christ.

Check out the FREE ASSESSMENT – only 5 questions, instant results!

Start your journey

The Profiler is a powerful tool to help you fulfill your God-given gifts, passions, dreams, and calling. It’s based on Biblical principles and decades of experience developing people into maturity in Christ.

Try the Free Assessment: Only five questions, get instant results!

What others are saying...

Jacques Oberholzer,
People’s Church, South Africa

“Really enjoyed the biblical teaching received – had so much confirmation from the online destiny surveys.
–Hannah Sharpies

“Learned about all elements that work together to fulfill my destiny. It gives you steps and strategy and is spirit led.”
–Stevka Vladimirova

“Destiny Finder helped me more fully understand who I am and to embrace my thought patterns/world ideas as a product of my destiny and motivational orientation.”
–Miranda Carter

“This is such a gift of reviewing and validating old dreams and creating new ones. HOPE is renewed and confidence!”
— Linda Coate

“Very good at refining ideas into practical moves. Practical plans were set out as very doable, without sugar coating what was needed.”
–Michael Brown

“At 60 years of age this is a helpful confirmation to our choice on spending our retired years in God’s service. Encouraged me to look to God’s next dream and completion and implementation.”
–Ken Coate

“Destiny Finder was an amazing experience for me. Having taken Strengths Finder 2.0 in the past, I quickly realized that this would not be another simple personality assessment. The affirmation that I received for how I was made, and what I was made to do, was life changing. God prophetically breathed on the Destiny Finder process for me and gave me a confidence that I had not had before. Another huge benefit of Destiny Finder was that when I looked at my wife and my friends I was able to more clearly understand their specific makeup from a biblical perspective. The unity and appreciation for others that comes from seeing them as God sees them is priceless. I have recommended Destiny Finder to many of my friends and family since taking it, and I plan to continue to do so.”
–Jeff Schweiger 

From Destiny Finder workshops:

Destiny Finder helped remind me of pieces of my dreams that I allowed to fall dormant. The questions asked by Michael and his team caused me to dig deeper to know the what and the why behind my dreams and desires.”
–Samantha Smith

“This brought my vision and passions forward and made me realize that it’s possible.”
–Breanna Wansicu

“Michael displays his heart for destiny and revival culture that stirs and challenges the souls of his audience. Michael’s life and career experience brings a depth that is knowledgeable in kingdom culture and mindset.”
–Rose Cowperthwaite

“This class has helped me dream big and pull them down to a future reality. Michael is amazing at coaching destiny. The combination of the online surveys, Michael and the team has brought major clarity.
–Shirah Smith

From a Destiny Finder small group:
“We did the intro session last week and found that the experience was like a rocket coming off the launch pad…it just kept soaring to new heights as people gained revelation and insight into how their positive and negative experiences and role models had shaped their destiny.

I personally saw nothing short of miraculous transformation as one participant was able to share things NEVER BEFORE ARTICULATED as a result of the format of the small group and the penetrating questions! His wife stated this individual had a joy never experienced as the heaviness lifted off him last week. Wow!”
–Aaron York, Associate Pastor
Jesus Christ Fellowship, Middletown, CA

“This is an excellent study. My husband & I, although we are not from a charismatic background at all, are excited and being blessed to realize that even “nobodies” as we often feel ourselves to be, have been called to a purpose by our dear Lord Jesus Christ, and that He is with us every step of the way to help us fulfill that purpose! Praise His holy name.”
— Marjorie O.