Journey Guide Lite

Create a basic Life Map with some of the main Profiler sections. Includes the Ministry Gift Assessment, Passion Assessment, God’s Direction Journal, My Dream Statement, and Ministry Goal Setting.


Journey Guide Pro

Create a fully detailed Life Map with access to EVERYTHING! That includes the Profiler, Mapper and Tracker modules with all seven assessments, worksheets, exercises, goal setting and tracking, and extensive teaching notes.


Journey Guide Feature Comparison

Feature Journey Guide Lite
Journey Guide Pro
Ministry Gift Assessment
Passion Assessment
God's Direction Journal
My Dream Statement
Ministry Goal Setting
Motivational Gift Assessment
Manifestation Gift Assessment
Delight Assessment
Ministry Development Plan
Personal Development Plan
Personal Development Goals
Team Development Plan
Team Development Goals
Goal Management System
Destiny Teaching Notes

Small Groups

Take your group through the complete Destiny Finder process. The program integrates with the Journey Guide PRO, and includes eight video lessons, Leader Guide, Workbook, DF Book, and more.

$299 $249

per group


Need help diving deeper through your assessment results or clarifying your direction? Meet with an experienced coach for a 50‑minute personal coaching session via Zoom, Skype or phone.


per hour


Destiny Finder Book

This is the complete teaching by Destiny Finder’s founder Michael Brodeur on the Destiny Finder framework. It includes the complete Biblical basis as well as practical steps for the entire Destiny process.
220 pages


Quantity Purchases

Buy Direct

If you order more than one Journey Guide Lite or Pro, you get a discount and receive a coupon code/credit by email.

Qty Discount

  • 2-9:       10% off
  • 10-49:  20% off
  • 50+:      30% off

To Use the Code

The purchaser receives a coupon code to give to others, and those other people order the Journey Guide and enter and apply the code in Checkout to get it for free.

Note: If the purchaser has NOT already purchased the Journey Guide, the system will assign the first one to the purchaser, and the rest will be available by the coupon code.

Example: If you order four Journey Guide PRO:

If you already have the JG PRO, you’ll get a coupon code for four free ones; you give the code to four people, and they use it to get their own JG PRO.

If you don’t have it, the system will assign one to you, and you’ll get a coupon code for three free ones; you give the code to three people and they use it to get their own JG PRO.

Coupon Code Tracking

When you order the Journey Guide Lite or PRO you will see a new Coupon Tracking menu in your Settings that shows your coupon codes and who has used them.

Group Purchase

An individual, group or church can order a large quantity (usually over 30) to get a discount, and bypass the need for coupon codes.

How it Works

  1. The purchaser contacts us to place the order and arrange setup.
  2. The purchaser makes a single payment on an invoice page.
  3. The purchaser then sends us a spreadsheet with the names and email addresses of all participants.
  4. We then run a program that creates each user’s account with access to the Journey Guide, and emails each user with login info.

Contact Us for Setup

Call +1 (916) 467-9934 or email [email protected].

Coach View Results Option

When adding users in bulk, there is the option to designate users as “coaches” and assign groups of users to coaches, and coaches are then enabled to view Profiler assessment results of users assigned to them.