Journey Guide

Destiny Discovery Tool


The Journey Guide includes:

  • The full Ministry Gift Assessment with a multi-page report and bar chart.
  • The Passion Assessment covering what drives you, your causes, what sphere of society you’re drawn to impact, your preferred organizational type, and much more.
  • The God’s Direction module to examine how God has been leading you.
  • The My Dream module to clarify your calling.
  • Ministry Goals: start setting goals to move forward.

iOS, Android, Windows, mobile, easy to use, lifetime access.

Journey Guide PRO

Destiny Development Package


The Journey Guide PRO includes the Journey Guide and:

  • The complete Profiler including the Motivational Gift Assessment, and Manifestation Gift Assessment,
    both with multi-page reports and bar chart results.
  • The Mapper – Ministry Development module with vision, mission, research, and goal setting sections.
  • The Mapper – Personal Development module, with a powerful character growth assessment, results with bar charts, and goal setting.
  • The Mapper – Team Development module, with the team, authority and mentor assessment, results with bar charts, and goal setting.
  • The Tracker, which lists your goals and helps you manage and accomplish them.
  • The complete Destiny Finder Teaching Notes (49 pages).

iOS, Android, Windows, mobile, easy to use, lifetime access.

UPGRADE from the Journey Guide to the Journey Guide PRO

Go deeper with the PRO. Get the full Profiler, Mapper and Tracker, with the complete suite of assessments, in-depth exercises, worksheets, and teaching notes; and create a plan to fulfill your calling.

Then set goals to develop your ministry, personal character, and team, and start taking practical steps to move forward in your journey to accomplish God’s will for your life. 


Other Products


per group

Take your group through the complete Destiny Finder process with the Journey Guide PRO, 8 video lessons, Leader Guide, Workbook, DF Book, and more.


per hour session

Extract the best insights from your assessment results and talk to one of our Destiny Coaches.

During the session we will walk you through how to better interpret and clarify your next steps?

Meet with an experienced coach for a 50 minute personal coaching session via Zoom, Skype or phone.

Small Group Program Quantity Purchase Discount

Order JG PRO with the Small Group Program
When you order the Destiny Finder Small Group Program, you have the opportunity to also order one or more Journey Guide PRO at a huge discount. We feel doing the Journey Guide PRO in a group provides the best results!

Go to the Destiny Finder Small Group Program page for discount details and to order.