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Profiler Quantity Discounts

Get a quantity discount on the Profiler assessments tool for your church, group, family or friends.

Quantity Discount

  • 2-9 – 10% off
  • 10-49 – 20% off
  • 50 or more – 30% off

How it works:

  1. If you purchase more than one Profiler, you will get one and have access to it immediately, and the rest will be for others. (Unless you’ve already purchased the Profiler for yourself, in which case the total quantity will be available for others.)

    2. When you make the purchase, you’ll receive an email with a 100% off discount code to give to whomever you wish.

    3. When the number of codes used reaches the maximum quantity purchased, the code will expire and you will receive an email notifying you of the expiration.

    4. Once you make a quantity purchase, you will notice the Coupon Tracking menu in Settings (the gear), to let you monitor how many coupon codes have been used and by whom.

Destiny Finder Workshop Video Series
(9 sessions)

Teaching by Michael Brodeur that covers the entire program used for the Destiny Finder workshop and small group programs. The series consists of nine 15-25 minute video teachings that cover the complete destiny discovery process.

Videos are available in the Pastor’s Coach store (9 videos – only the videos): $49.95Pastor’s Coach Store.


The Destiny Finder
Small Group Study Series

This is a powerful life-changing and church-mobilizing series on destiny discovery and fulfillment that runs for nine weeks. It includes weekly video teaching and a nine-week small group series and materials, and is designed to be used with the online assessments. This program will enable you to get your members mobilized, using their gifts according to their passion and moving forward into their calling.

The DF Small Group Study Series contains the following:

  • Small group participant workbook, 40 pp. The notes can also be used as the basis for Sunday messages that will introduce or support the small group material.
  • Nine-session Destiny Finder Workshop Video Series for use in the small groups or classes. Each video is 15-25 minutes long with teaching by Michael Brodeur.
  • Destiny Coaching Video Course: two videos with a total of 56 minutes of teaching by Michael on how to coach people through Destiny Finder and the destiny discovery process.
  • Small group leader guide with a complete week-by-week schedule and activity guide.
  • Program overview
  • Program handout
  • Program flyer
  • Email templates to communicate with participants
  • Follow-up meeting guide and notes
  • All materials are digital. You download them and print as many as you need. The videos can be downloaded to a USB drive or computer.
  • Note that we have a feature that enables a church to designate one or more coaches and the coaches can view the results of specified church members

Cost$199 per study series. This does NOT include the individual Profiler tool with assessments; those are purchased separately (see following).

Each individual will need the Destiny Profiler (online assessments) and these can be obtained several ways.

  1. The Profiler can be purchased individually.
  2. The church or group can do a quantity discount purchase and get up to 30% off. In this case, the purchaser receives a special coupon code to distribute to the participants for free or a charge. The participants then are able to use the coupon code to sign up and buy the Profiler for free, and do the assessments
  3. If the church is making large quantity purchases, we can offer additional discounts. We can also do bulk imports to set up accounts automatically for a large group.

Call Glen Reed at 916-467-9934 or email us at [email protected] to arrange for the Destiny Finder Small Group Study Series.

“This class has helped me dream big and pull them down to a future reality. Michael is amazing at coaching destiny. The combination of the online surveys, Michael and the team has brought major clarity.”

— Shirah Smith

The Destiny Finder Live Workshop

“The Destiny Finder workshop was amazing! Thanks to your material, and the touch of the Holy Spirit, my wife and I went from having somewhat fragmented goals and dreams to aligning our dreams in one accord! Praise God and thanks so much for your vision.

–Alan Cerro, President, Planning & Development, Dutra Cerro Graden, Dublin CA

This 10-hour workshop is taught live by Michael Brodeur and his team. Participants go through the entire destiny discovery process which includes the online Destiny Profiler assessments, as well as the second and third modules, which have not been implemented online yet. He and a team provide coaching and feedback to participants. The workshop also includes small group discussion, worship and prayer ministry.

This is a very powerful experience that helps participants discover their destiny and begin to move forward into it in practical ways. The workshop has been presented in churches around the world and the response is always overwhelmingly positive!

Included are the following:

  • Online Destiny Profiler assessment surveys and reports for all participants
  • Participant Workbook
  • Small group discussion
  • Ministry time and prayer

Cost: $99 per person, plus travel costs for our team to present.


  • We can train your team to present the workshop (Train the Trainer).
  • The workshop can be done using our teaching videos ($49.95)
  • Other options may be available; please ask us.

Call Glen Reed at 916-467-9934 or email us at [email protected] to bring the workshop to your church or group.

Destiny Finder Live Workshop Online Webinar

Our team can’t travel all the time…. so we can deliver the workshop to where you are using the Internet.

This is how it works: Your members meet in small groups in one or more locations. Michael and team present the teaching portions of the workshop live online to those locations and the participants watch on a large screen monitor. They are able to interact with Michael and his team through the computer at that location. Designated group leaders guide group discussion time and ministry teams provide personal ministry.

Cost: $79 per person plus $100/webinar setup cost. Other options may be available; please ask us.

Call Glen Reed at 916-467-9934 or email us at [email protected] to arrange for the Workshop Webinar.

Destiny Coaching for Individuals

We have Destiny Finder certified coaches, who are also certified life coaches, available to do coaching sessions by telephone or Skype. One or two coaching sessions could save you a year of frustration.

Personal Coaching Cost: $100/hour. More information: Coaching Description

Ready to schedule coaching: Purchase Coaching

Your Coach Can View Member Assessment Reports

We have coaching available by phone and onsite. AND…your church or group can have your own coaches who can work with your members. Coaches can view the online assessment reports of the people they are coaching (with their permission of course). This is a great new feature that will complement the Destiny Finder Church Program.

Coaches will need to be approved and may need to complete a Destiny Finder Coach Certification Program (see the next section).

Some manual work is required to setup the coach, the coach’s team and associated members. Once the setup is complete, the designated coach will View Team link. The coach can view his/her team members and view their assessment reports.

Cost: $100 setup per coach plus $5 setup per person to be coached.

Call us at 916-467-9934 or email us at [email protected] for more info on this great feature.


Destiny Finder Coaching Course

Coaching people on using Destiny Finder. 

Taught by our CEO, Michael Brodeur. This course is primarily for churches and groups that are using Destiny Finder in small groups or one-on-one discipleship or classes. The program prepares leaders to use the Destiny Finder material in coaching others. It’s expected that leaders using this material will have gone through the Destiny Finder Small Group Study Series, and have completed the Profiler assessments. 

The program contains the following:
– Introduction
– 2 sessions on coaching people in the Destiny Finder process
– Total of one hour of video training.

Course Cost: $49.95

Call Glen Reed at 916-467-9934 or email us at [email protected] for more info on the Coaching Course.

Life & Destiny Finder Coaching Course

Basic life coaching principles and destiny coaching. 

Taught by our Coaching Director, Jeff Wittmer, and our CEO, Michael Brodeur. This course is for churches and groups that want to have their own people coach their members. The program prepares coaches to do general life coaching and to use the Destiny Finder material in coaching others. Coach candidates are expected to have pastoral, life coach, counseling, group leadership or business management experience of some kind, and to have gone through the Destiny Finder Small Group Study Series, and have completed the Profiler assessments. 

The program contains the following:
– Introduction
– 7 sessions on life coaching principles
– 2 sessions on coaching people in the Destiny Finder process
– Total of 5 hours of video training.

Course Cost: $499

Call Glen Reed at 916-467-9934 or email us at [email protected] for more info on the Coaching Course.

Bulk Purchases for large groups

Get Michael’s seminal 220+ page book on destiny discovery at a quantity discount.

This 220+ page paperback by Michael Brodeur lays the biblical and theoretical foundation for an understanding of God’s plan to expand His kingdom though personal destiny discovery and fulfillment.

The book is the “text” version of the original Journey Guide, which contained the entire destiny discovery process developed by Michael. It is a more complete version of the paper version of the guide we have used for years in helping people in the destiny discovery process. It provides a complete explanation of the biblical foundation and the life application of our approach to destiny discovery.

  • The first part of the book covers what is the basis for the Destiny Profiler, the online version of the first component of the whole process.
  • The last two thirds of the book cover the second and third components of the destiny discovery process. It’s the basis for the online versions that are in development at present – developing a plan and getting launched into your destiny.
  • The book has Michael’s personal story interwoven throughout. It is the story of a young man raised by counter culture parents in the heart of San Francisco, who became a new age hippie seeker of truth, who discovered Jesus as a young man and went on to become a leader with a passion to help people understand their calling and get launched into the ministry that God designed for them.

Foreword by Banning Liebscher, Director of Jesus Culture.


Pastor's Coach

We have a companion website pastorscoach.com. Building on Michael Brodeur’s many years in ministry since the late 70’s planting a church, launching ministries, pastoring pastors and overseeing churches, Pastor’s Coach is just what the name says – we coach pastors and leaders to do the best job possible fulfilling the call of God on their lives to build strong churches and ministries that impact their region. The Pastor’s Coach website contains a comprehensive church health assessment, outreach assessment, hundreds of teaching videos, articles, resources and more.

Pastor’s Coach works in conjunction with Destiny Finder materials for individuals to provide a complete program that will revolutionize your church.

Pastor & Church Consulting

Pastor’s Coach also provides coaching, training, church health assessments, candidate evaluations, conflict resolution services and vision casting workshops or pastors, leaders and churches. These services can be provided by telephone, Skype and onsite, by Michael Brodeur and other seasoned coaches, all of whom are former pastors and are certified by Pastor’s Coach.

Cost: $200/hour for phone & Skype consulting.
Call to get pricing for onsite consulting.

Need More?

Call us at 916-467-9934 or email [email protected] for more information on our programs  OR for something you want but don’t see listed. We wil partner with you to bring you the services and products that you need. We are committed to mobilizing the body of Christ to do the works prepared by God beforehand for us to do. (Eph. 2:10)

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