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Congrats on taking an important step in discovering your destiny! The Ministry Gift Assessment reveals your Ministry Gift. We also call it your Destiny Orientation (D.O.). It’s your core trait or design, and it influences the basic way you relate to your world.

You are a connector and have a pastoral orientation based on the gift of pastor named in Ephesians 4:11; and are “wired” by God to function in pastoral gifting, thinking and action. You connect people and groups; you’re a true “people person” who is stimulated and energized by time spent in conversation and community. You are continuously at work to bring people together, counsel the broken and cultivate community wherever you are.


Your intrinsic value for other people communicates compassion, loyalty and esteem that enriches the lives of those with whom you spend time.


As a Connector, you cultivate an atmosphere of caring community among friends and co-workers. 

However, you need to be aware:






People Person

People Oriented

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