Take the next step! Get the Journey Guide Lite to use assessments with detailed reports to understand your gifts, passions, and God's direction; define your dream; and start setting goals.  Learn More about the Journey Guide Lite Free…

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1.0 Profiler

Go Deeper! Get the Journey Guide Lite with the Ministry Gift and Passion assessments and God's Direction Journal. Then define your dream, and set goals to move forward! Get the Journey Guide Lite Free Assessment What's your primary…

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5.2.1 Delights Intro

Delights Introduction Matching Talents with LovesGod has designed you with abilities that you’re good at that can bless and serve others, such as accounting or photography (your talents). And He has designed you to enjoy doing certain things…

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5.1.1 Passions Intro

Passions Introduction Passions are Important! Your passions are the key to what motivates you. We believe God has placed passions inside of you that define you. They are more than spiritual, mental, emotional or physical feelings or responses.…

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