Delight Assessment

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God has designed you with abilities that you’re good at that can bless and serve others, such as accounting or photography (your talents). And He has designed you to enjoy doing certain things that can bless and serve others such as organizing or teaching (your loves). When a talent matches a love we call that a “delight” — when you do it it’s not work, it’s a joy! We believe that your calling will involve your strongest delights. The Delight Assessment helps you find your delights. 

Sometimes our talents don’t match our loves. You might want to be a ballerina, but if you don’t have good balance, your destiny probably won’t be to star in the New York Ballet. But if you love dance and you’re really good at organization, maybe you’ll end up managing the New York Ballet!


1. Type in your talents. As you enter words, the system will suggest words that match what you’re typing; you can click on the suggestion or keep typing. For mobile, double tap the word.

2. Type in your loves. Use the same wording for matching. For example, if you enter “lead worship” as a talent, and “worship” as a love, they won’t match.

In the third section you’ll see your talents and loves the matches, which are your delights.

Do NOT exit the assessment before you finish or you will need to start over.