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Chinese Traditional & German versions of Destiny Finder are Live!

After much hard work by our translators and developers, we are proud to announce that the German and Chinese Traditional versions of Destiny Finder are live and ready for use!

For purchasing the Profiler, the German website uses Euros and the Chinese Traditional site (mainly for Taiwan) uses the New Taiwan Dollar. We’ve discounted both sites some from the US version, so take advantage of this intro pricing!

Destiny is the most powerful motivator for development and calling that God has built in to us. We are working with pastors and churches in Germany and Taiwan, to help pastors learn how to use the Destiny Finder material for workshops and small groups.

We are working on translating Destiny Finder into Spanish, Italian and Portuguese right now, and will be adding other languages as soon as we can. We hope that our brothers and sisters who speak other languages will be able to benefit from this tremendous tool.

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  1. Look forward to seeing a French version!!

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