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Find Your Song: How to Be a Destiny Rockstar

When I was a kid, growing up in a broken home in San Francisco, I had a crazy dream. I wanted to be one of the Beatles. I knew every song by heart and had seen their first movie, A Hard Days Night, a dozen times. Every day, while walking from our day care center to school, three friends and I would run out ahead of the other children, looking back over our shoulders, like the Beatles running from their screaming fans. Imagine my heartbreak when the band played their last concert in 1966 at Candlestick Park and I couldn’t go. My house was only six blocks away and I could hear the screams from my bedroom, but my mom was unwilling to let a 9 year-old boy go to the concert alone.

In response to my dream, over the next ten years, I learned to play the guitar and started a couple of bands of my own. I fell in love with music. I love music theory, composition and performance. I love harmony, melody and the synergy of making music with other people. Although I never became a world class “Rock Star,” each of these experiences were steps in my “Destiny Journey” and each were significant lessons that shaped me into the leader I am today.

The Quest for Significance

One of the greatest driving forces in the human heart is the need for significance. This quest for significance is fueled by a deep need for meaning: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? The reason your heart yearns for meaning is that you were created by the God of purpose, to fulfill His purposes on the earth.

Everything in the universe was formed to exist in perfect harmony with the One who made it. That is why our disobedience (what the Bible calls sin) is so horrific and harmful. Sin is an intentional or unintentional decision to operate in contradiction to the harmony of the universe—that is, contrary to God’s intended purpose. When we walk in disharmony with God, we create a myriad of problems. Jesus died and rose again to reset the musical key of the universe and bring us back into a place of harmony with His original composition. By retuning ourselves to key of Heaven, each one of us can play a part in God’s purpose in a way that brings honor and glory to Him, as well as grace and goodness to the others He created.

In the great orchestra of God, we need to know we exist for a reason—that our lives matter and have meaning. God has given each of us gifts, talents and a unique melody that he has called us to play. God implanted this longing for destiny deep within each of us; it is at the root of all human desires and aspirations.

Become a Destiny Rock Star

Why was I so obsessed with the Beatles? As I have thought about this over the years, I have come to the conclusion that it was not about wanting the screaming fans, or the money, or the fame. For me, it was about the influence. Somehow, deep in my heart, I knew that I was called to be a world changer. The Beatles were changing the world.

Although most of you will never become Grammy-winning rock stars, every one of you can be a “Destiny Rock Star,” by discovering and fulfilling the purpose for which God created you.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to become the rock star that God created you to be.

Get to know the Composer:
Jesus is the “author and finisher” of all things and has written the music that wants you to play. As you study His Word and learn to hear His voice more effectively, you will be increasingly tuned to His purposes. Pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM.

Get in tune with your Band:
Following Jesus is not a solo act. He created us to need one another and to be part of the Body of Christ. In order to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for your life, you must be part of a local fellowship and open your heart to great friends and mentors. Once you have come in tune with your God-given community, you will find the support and strength to fulfill your destiny.

Play with all your Heart:
God is looking for a person who will love Him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength: one hundred percent committed to Jesus and his purposes. As you grow in your personal knowledge of the Lord and as you grow in your connection with those that God has called you to “play” with, the next step is to go for it! Start jamming and see what God will do. May God bless you as you discover and fulfill God’s will for your life, and may you become the Destiny Rock Star that Jesus created you to be.

“The Lord will bring you fully into your destiny.” Psalm 138:8 (paraphrase)

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