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Significance Is a Trillion Dollar Industry: The Power of Purpose

Significance is a trillion dollar industry! According to, student debt in the United States has reached 1.5 trillion dollars in 2019.

When students enter college, they are reaching out to be someone they dream of being. People going after success in life will pay thousands of dollars to obtain a degree to see their dreams come true. What is the motivator that drives us to do whatever it takes to succeed?

One of the greatest driving forces in the human heart is the need for significance. This quest for significance is fueled by a deep need for meaning: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? The reason your heart yearns for meaning is that you were created by the God of purpose to fulfill His purposes on the earth.

Everything in the universe was formed to be in perfect balance with the One who made it. That is why our disobedience (what the Bible calls sin) is so horrific and harmful. Sin is an intentional or unintentional decision to operate in contradiction to the harmony of the universe—that is, contrary to God’s intended purpose. When we walk in opposition to His harmony, we create a myriad of problems. Jesus died and rose again to reset the musical key of the universe and bring us back into a place of harmony with His original composition. By retuning ourselves to Heaven, each one of us can play a part in God’s purpose in a way that brings honor and glory to Him, as well as grace and goodness to the others He created.

In the grand harmony of God, we need to know we exist for a reason – that our lives matter and have meaning. God. Implanted this longing for destiny deep within each of us; it is at the root of all human desires and aspirations.

There is power in having a purpose in life. The question we have to ask ourselves is, “Am I willing to pay the price?” What is the price you need to pay? Is it time? Attention? Lifestyle changes? Are there risks that you need to take?

Whatever the cost, even if it’s 1.5 trillion dollars, to walk in your purpose is worth more than all the riches in world.

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