Website and Profiler Upgraded!

We have launched the new version of the website! We've been working on this for months and it's finally here! And we've upgraded the Profiler, adding two new sections: God's Direction and My Dream. INSTRUCTIONS New to Destiny Finder:…

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Created For Destiny

When we were babies, our sole purpose in life was to lay there, be cute, eat and poop. As we grew up, life then became about having fun, playing outside and getting as messy as we could. As…

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New Year, New Skin, New Stuff

It's Live! We've just launched a new "skin" or look for our homepage. Check out the awesome new "badges" for each ministry gift/ destiny orientation type, done by Michael's oldest son, Aaron Brodeur. He's an incredible artist, and…

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God’s Moving so Get Moving

Identify Your Destination God has created you for an amazing, fun, fulfilling purpose - you've got things to accomplish for the Kingdom while you are here on planet Earth. But on our journey we all encounter roadblocks. Here…

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